The American College of Norway’s Summer School Program Turned My Dream Into Reality!

Every summer we welcome students to the American College of Norway to take part in a four-week summer session and this summer was no exception. This summer we had students participate in the program from the University of North Dakota, Mayville State University, West Chester University, Adelphi University and Norwegian students from ACN. The students took courses focused on environmental challenges as well as studying everything from the Vikings to modern art in a class focused on Oslo, West Chester student, Lexy Zimmerman opens up about her time abroad at ACN this summer. Thanks for the great blog, Lexy - we had a fabulous summer with you and your cohort!

Visiting Norway was something I have always wanted to do, and I thought studying abroad would be the best way to do that. Earlier this year, when I was looking for a summer school program in Norway, I came across the American College of Norway. When I found out about ACN, I was sold on their summer program, and the rest is history! I am beyond thankful that I decided to study abroad at ACN because the month I spent there was one of the best months of my life!

The American College of Norway offered me so much more than a study abroad experience. The faculty and staff are some of the nicest people I have ever met, the course load isn’t overbearing, and the apartments are super cute. Moss is also a friendly and inviting city with lots to do. There are great hiking trails, the beach and the Oslo Fjord, plus there are great restaurants and cafes. Additionally, Oslo is only a 40 minute train ride away, so there is always something to do.

One of my favorite parts about my time abroad at ACN was meeting people from all over the United States and Norway. I made some lifelong friendships and we already have plans to meet up again!

Norway’s exquisite nature is one of the main reaons I wanted to study abroad here, and because of the schedule, I easily got the opportunity to travel. Classes are only scheduled Monday to Thursday, so the three-day weekends provided many chances to travel. In addition to exploring Moss and visiting Oslo frequently, I also traveled to Stavanger and Bergen with fellow classmates.

If I could offer any advice to someone hesitant to take this journey, it would be to just do it. If you’re looking for a summer school program in Norway, the American College of Norway’s summer session offers the perfect amount of time to get out and see all that Norway has to offer. I am so glad that I did and I have no regrets… I would do it all over again if I could! The American College of Norway turned my dream into reality! I have been home for two weeks and I am already wanting to plan my next trip back to Norway.

If you’re hoping to study in Norway at the American College of Norway like Lexy, click here to learn more about our unique and exciting program! Watch our study abroad video too by clicking here!

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