The American College of Norway (ACN) is celebrating 30 years of excellence in bringing Norwegians, Americans and other international students together to study in Moss, Norway.

Founded in 1989 by Dr. Steinar Opstad, ACN first opened its doors in 1992 to 24 eager and adventurous Norwegian and American students. Ever since its successful and monumental first year, ACN has had the great privilege of welcoming students from Norway, the United States and beyond to our tight-knit learning community.

“In the 25-year-long partnership, over 2,000 students and more than 80 American faculty have been favorably impacted. This is one of the most successful and enduring educational partnerships in all of Norway.”
- Kåre R. Aas, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Ambassador to the United States

As alumni, no one knows the importance of ACN more than you! As we build upon ACN’s 30 year history of accomplishments, we remain challenged by limited resources to ensure that future students are also able to benefit from an ACN experience. We strive to provide the very best educational and personal growth experiences at an affordable cost. ACN increasingly depends on alumni giving for the continued evolution of the college as a place where Norway and America truly meet for the benefit of all students.

To donate, simply click the appropriate box where you can select the amount you wish to donate. Americans willing to donate will have the ability to receive a tax deduction if the amount is over $250.
We are very proud of our alumni and hope we can continue to make you proud of the American College of Norway.

Rikke Myreng Duaas

Attended ACN: 2016/2017
Graduated from:
University of North Dakota

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters."

I cannot choose just one memory from my time at ACN, since they were all amazing and I would not have been who I am today without all of the wonderful people who work there and all of my classmates. All I can say is that going to ACN was the best decision I have ever made! My best advice for anyone who wants to study abroad is to be open for anything. Americans are very social and friendly and they are easy to get to know. Make sure you experience everything you can and make friends, because you will have those friends for a very long time. And yes, school is important, but it is not everything. Make sure you make the most of it, if not you’ll regret it when it’s all over.

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Benjamin Hannus

Attended ACN: 2018/ 2019
Graduated from: University of North Dakota

“In the end, we all become stories.”

A favorite memory from ACN is hard to nail down, but the highconcentration of inspiring professors that made every class enjoyable, the volunteering we didat the local hospice, and experiencing the dawn of lifelong friendships are just a few honorablementions. Needless to say, my memories of ACN exist in a kaleidoscope, where every twist andturn reveals new colors and shapes of enlightenment and diverse perspectives.

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Anita Boeddeker Nikolov

Attended ACN: 1st year of ACN!! 1992/1993
Graduated from: University of North Dakota

Attending ACN was truly a life changing experience for me. I grew up in a small town in North Dakota, coming from a Norwegian family with very strong traditions. I was intrigued about learning more about the culture, history, and language of my ancestors, so I jumped at the chance when the University of North Dakota launched the program. My 9 months in Norway was truly magical with many favorite memories – learning Norwegian, teaching students from another culture about American traditions such as Thanksgiving, and Halloween, learning about intercultural communication, finally taking an art class that I was previously hesitant to do,studying international business. In addition to the classroom learnings, the field trips, and time spent on the weekend with classmates, and my Norwegian family helped shape who I am today.I have a greater appreciation for other cultures, perspectives, and ultimately that the US is a small part of a much bigger world.

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Victoria Courtney Dahlgren

Attended ACN: 2019/2020
Graduated from: Accepted to UND but denied VISA because of COVID. Ended up in Australia at Griffith University studying a Bachelor in Marine Science with credit points transferred.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller”

My favorite memory was definitely the trip to Svalbard! However I also did enjoy all the activities the activities committee arranged including the Halloween party and thanksgiving. I made so many friends at ACN that I still have contact with today, and I created memories for life with all of them. We were lucky enough to experience ACN right before the peak of COVID, and were still able to take fun trips to Sweden, go to classes in person and have fun parties in the lounge. I just really enjoyed ACN as a whole and would recommend it to anyone considering a degree in the US.

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Helene Fledsberg Øverli

Attended ACN: 1992/1993
Graduated from: University of North Dakota

Heck yeah I’d do it again!

I would absolutely recommend being a part of this unique and life changing exchange program. It changed the entire trajectory of my life in many ways, and most importantly did it provide me with lifelong friendships. I have explored the United States of America and met amazing people everywhere. ACN was a great introduction to the American college system, and I enjoyed three amazing years in Grand Forks, ND after spending a year in Moss.The group of students from the class of 1992/1993 have become very important to me and Most of us are still very close. The annual Thanksgiving dinner in Oslo is a highlight each year.

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Amalie Victoria Jørgensen

Attended ACN: 2017/2018
Graduated from: University of North Dakota

I always recommend ACN to anyone interested in studying in the US. ACN provides a great and safe transfer to the US. Preparing to move to the US can be a stressful time, but the staff will help you every step of the way. Moreover, ACN partners with several universities in the US which makes the process so much easier. Additionally, your time at ACN will give you friends for life and it is a time you’ll cherish forever!

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Patrick Aanenson

Attended ACN: 2018/ 2019
Graduated from: Mayville State University

Remember your time at ACN and the people you meet.

ACN Family. If you put in the effort, you can develop relationships with your instructors that will last for a long time: some may last a lifetime. Whenever you come back to visit, the staff that was there will always be excited to see alumni. They love to hear all the updates of their former students. Take advantage of every class excursion. Explore as much as you can with your class.

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Heidi Benjaminson

Attended ACN: Spring 2004
Graduated from: University of North Dakota

You will never discover new oceans until you have the courage to leave the shore.

Studying abroad at ACN was an easy choice for me. I mean literally, the whole process was simple. As a UND student it was easy to apply, register for classes and fit the classes into my degree. It's also the best choice I ever made. I know I would not be where I am in life twenty years later if I hadn't taken the chance to spend a semester abroad. I'm so glad I did!

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Martin Kaareng

Attended ACN: 2003/ 2004
Graduated from: University of North Dakota

I did most of my education overseas, so when it came time for college I knew I wanted to go somewhere other than Norway.  Everything about the US education system seemed to fit what I was looking for.  It's a good balance between work and play.  ACN prepared me for what college would be like, and I had a lot of fun during my year there.

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Alisha Santiago

Attended ACN: Summer 2022
Graduated from: West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor’s of Arts, Anthropology

“...Fordi hat kommer ikke fra religion. Det kommer fra frykt.” - Sana fra SKAM

Some Wednesdays we had class outdoors in Oslo and my favorite memory from then was getting to explore the city afterwards. I spent that time seeing all the locations where the popular Norwegian show SKAM was filmed. Just being at the film sites created an opportunity to better understand the nuances of Norwegian culture, that of which I couldn't get by just watching from the U.S. Then at the end of the program, I got to put together all that I had learned and share it with my classmates!

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Jordan Clark

Attended ACN: Spring 2013
Graduated from:
University of North Dakota 2016

Make me something dangerous. - ACN prom night

My favorite memory from ACN was a tie - meeting my future wife Erika and ACN Prom night. 

If I were to give a few words of wisdom for studying in the US: try everything you can while in school because there is no time for it once you enter the workforce and start a family.

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Emily Shafer

Attended ACN: Summer 2022

Graduated from: Pace University with a degree in English and Film with a concentration on creative writing and currently at Brooklyn College for a MFA in Poetry.

“I heard an airplane passing overhead. I wished I was on it.” - Charlies Bukowski

My favorite part of attending ACN was visiting Oslo for our Oslo: Vikings to Hipsters class. I loved learning more about Norwegian culture and visiting the Munch and Astrup Fearnley Museums. It was also really cool to be able to learn more about Norwegian and world history while being in a country that was directly impacted by WWII, which is something you don’t get with a U.S. education. I also loved exploring and learning more about Moss. Moss is gorgeous. I loved going on hikes and walking around the beaches. With ACN, we were so immersed in Norwegian culture and learned so many fun facts about Moss and Norway from our professors.

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Hedda Udjus Pedersen

Attended ACN: 2016/2017

Graduated from: West Chester University

“The fact that I procrastinate and still get the job done is the reason I procrastinate”.

Say yes! Make experiencing new things a priority! Do not just hang out with other Scandinavians! Being open and positive to the American culture and people gave me so many unique experiences and memories. I joined a sorority, got to experience big football and baseball games, fun parties, a true American Thanksgiving… The list goes on. Your time in the U.S will pass by faster than you know – make the most of it while you can!

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Anthony Walsh

Attended ACN: Summer 2018

Graduated from: The University of North Dakota

Be the person you needed when you were younger - Anthony Charles Walsh, Author of Hockey Is for Everybody

My favorite memories were the trips to Oslo and having Tami Carmichael AGAIN as a professor! I recommend ACN because you will make lifelong friends. To this day I am still in regular contact with people I met at ACN like Lexy Zimmerman.

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Pernille Ellis

Attended ACN: 2016-2017

Graduated from: Texas State University with a B. Sc. in Public Relations and Mass Communication

Enjoy the little things in life and be present always. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is never promised.

I had never thought that a small school with 60 students in a coastal town south of Oslo, Norway would change my life as much as it did! Not only was being surrounded by ambitious people with the same mindset, dreams, and a lust of traveling as me amazing, but the campus life was so much fun. I made lifetime friends there, from both Norway and all over the United States. I felt some kind of closeness to everyone as the community was so small and personal. The staff and professors aspired, motivated and pushed me to succeed in my undergraduate studies and to follow my dreams, which further led me to being accepted by my dream University in Texas. My favorite memory was DEFINITELY the annual Haunted House!!!

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Marte Person

Attended ACN: 2020/2021

Graduated from: Louisiana State University, majoring in mass communication

I would recommend ACN because you meet other people who also want to study in the US, which makes the process way more comfortable. Me and my roommate ended up going to the same school in the US, and without ACN I would not have met her. College in the US is very different than studying in Norway, in a good way. To get the full “college experience” I would recommend trying to get involved in as much on campus as possible. Such as student organizations, Greek life, clubs, intramural sports etc. If you are worried about writing and talking English all the time, don’t be! You will get used to it, and your accent will slowly fade.

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Aaron Ford

Attended ACN: 2022

Graduated from: Austin Community College, studying real estate

Favorite memories from ACN involve building long-lasting friendships with other alumni, along with wonderful memories. Different friend groups would host get-togethers and dinner parties at dorms or apartments. I look back on these memories often, as they are to be cherished. Another impactful memory is ACN also preparing get-togethers and dinner parties, these were meant for the Americans and other non-Norwegians to learn more about Norway and vice versa.

Some words of wisdom for studying in the US: I see examples of individuals who come to college to graduate and not necessarily to learn. To me - this is not the way. If you are paying for an education within America, it is best to retain as much of the information that the professors are teaching. The point of this education is to receive the title as well as the knowledge. Try to hold onto your traditions as you come to America and also try to make friends from your home country or surrounding regions. Find local grocery stores that sell your home country's cuisine and snacks. Research the areas you are interested in moving to, and try to narrow down your final destination accordingly. Every state is so different from each other. The first few months of transition can be hard, but you’ve got this!

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Therese Hugg

Attended ACN: 1998/99

Graduated from: University of North Dakota, majored in psychology

I graduated with my BA in 2002, and worked in the US for a year following my degree. Some of my favorite memories from ACN were socializing with friends at Knausen and reconnecting with our American friends when we got to UND during our Sophomore year. Studying at ACN helped make the transition to UND super smooth. I continued to get my M. A in Counseling at UND in 2006 and still reside in Grand Forks.

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Tor Johansen

Attended ACN: 1996/97

Graduated from: Arizona State University and Adler University

My time at ACN was a transformative experience that set me on the path to achieving my dreams. I continued my education at Arizona State University and Adler University in Chicago, Illinois, ultimately earning my doctorate in clinical psychology. Today, I'm proud to work as a psychologist with the US Department of Veterans Affairs serving our nation’s heroes. I live in beautiful Prescott Valley, Arizona with my wife and three daughters. For those considering studying abroad, ACN allows for a seamless transition providing the much-needed resources and support to succeed as an international student. Studying in the United States gives you access to quality education and boundless opportunities for growth, friendship, and adventure. I have so many fond memories of my time at ACN. I am forever grateful for ACN.

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Stian Songkran Johansen

Attended ACN: 2017-2018

Graduated from: University of St. Thomas, St.Paul, Minnesota

"It's better to have done the hard work, than to not have done any work at all." - Song, 2024

ACN quickly became an important cornerstone of my academic evolution. It not only helped me grow academically but also helped me grow in life, gaining experiences and lessons that defined my professional career as it is right now. The exposure to U.S. students, faculty, and academic systems in many ways made me feel like I gained an advantage compared to other international students at my U.S. university. Attending ACN in preparation for studies in America is taking a leap of faith but realizing that you're slowly building a bridge rather than jumping into it. I can't recommend ACN enough to those who wish to find a pipeline from Norway to the U.S. as it is security in alumni and a network that will forge relationships for a lifetime. Still to this day I talk about my experiences at ACN and how it has helped me in more ways than I probably can count. If anyone were to ask me if I'd do anything different in my path to where I am now, I'd tell them I try to get another semester in at ACN.

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Barry Stinson

Barry Stinson, ACN Academic Dean 2001-2002
Assistant Vice President, Pace International, Pave University

“It is truly gratifying to see the transformation students experience upon completing a term at ACN – they become more confident, they gain insight into themselves, they become global citizens. ACN provided me with one of the most meaningful personal and professional experiences of my life. I want to help pass that on. That is why I give.”

Lisa Lewis

Lisa Lewis, Visiting ACN Faculty, 2001
Plattsburg State University of New York

“My semester at ACN, teaching literature in the fall of 2001, was a transformative and liberating experience, and among the most memorable of my thirty year teaching career. For my daughters who accompanied me, and for myself, indelible memories and significant friendships solidified our transatlantic educational journey. The opportunity to become a global citizen, and enjoy a study-abroad experience, is one I wish for everyone.”

Bruce Gjovig

Bruce Gjovig, Chair, ACN Foundation USA
CEO Emeritus, UND Center for Innovation Foundation

“More than 2,000 students have had the opportunity to study abroad because of the American College of Norway which expands and opens up the mind to the world intellectually and socially. I am delighted to support ACN which transforms student lives.”

Tami Carmichael

Tami Carmichael, Visiting ACN Faculty
Professor, English & Interdisciplinary Health Studies, University of North Dakota

Giving my time, energy, and resources to the American College of Norway has always been a natural choice for me. We live in a time when global relationships and international issues are at the heart of every act and decision a person can make. American College of Norway fosters international collaboration of the best kind — collaboration based on meaningful friendships, shared experiences, and strong academics. For me, to change the world, I know I need to invest in the people who make that happen — and the people at American College of Norway are at the top of that list.


“My time spent at the american college of norway was some of the best in my life.” – reflections from an ACN student

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