Terrifying Traditions at American College of Norway!

Every October, we transform our hallowed halls into a horrifying haunted house, and this year was no exception! This year, nearly 300 people came through our doors... some had to even leave early! We definitely put on an authentic American haunted house, that's for sure. Read more about this year's urban legends themed haunted house. There is even a video of the haunted house at the end of the blog!

October at ACN means one thing… haunted house season! Every year, a new haunted house theme is set to help reinvent our ever so popular horrifying Halloween community event! This year, students chose an urban legends theme where they scared all attendees with all those terrifying urban legends we have all heard before!

Once the theme was set, all hands were on deck to help bring all our ideas to life. During the week of preparations, students worked together to bring the haunted house to life. Windows were covered, fake blood was splattered and props were placed all over the school.

ACN was divided into multiple rooms where each room had a specific theme, helping bring our haunted house to life. The creepy basement had wendigos and other characters jumping out of every corner, while our bathroom had a horrifying Bloody Mary scene and the classrooms had an array of other legends and scary motifs.

Those who dared enter the haunted house were welcomed by a creepy video that was shot and edited by some of our very own Activities Committee members. The video really set the scene for the haunted house and this year’s introduction video was one of our best yet! Click here to watch this year’s introduction video. 

Collectively, nearly 300 people came through our doors this year! Our students creativity and dedication every year is what makes people coming back! Several of our haunted house enthusiasts said that they keep coming back each year to see what new scares and thrills we’ve planned for them. We even heard them say that our haunted house keeps getting better every year. 

Current student, Henrik Bråthen said, “the best part of the haunted house was seeing everyone get so scared from all the creative ideas we came up with! That definitely made all of our hard work worth it!”  

This was one of our scariest Halloweens yet on Verket and we are looking forward to seeing what our students will come up with next year! We are so thankful for all the help from students, faculty and staff, and especially to our Activities Coordinator Nick Favero. Without him we wouldn’t have been able to pull off this scary event!

Click here to watch a recap video of this year’s haunted house!


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