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The Class of 23/24 survival guide and tips to make the most out of your student experience while at ACN.

Joining us here at ACN this fall? Wondering about what’s ahead - and how to prepare? Don’t worry - the class of 23/24 has compiled some advice for you which well set you up for success at ACN - and allow you a head-start to finding your favorite part of Moss!

Money, Money, Money!

It is no secret that being a student usually means you have a tight budget. The class of 23/24 has some tips for you about how to get the most bang for your buck.

  • Download the grocery store apps: Trumf, Æ, etc. This will help greatly with grocery shopping!
  • Talk to local vendors (Kebabfabrikken, greengrocers etc.) - making friends is likely to get you nice discounts and free stuff!
  • Thrift stores have great stuff in Moss - do some exploring and make it an adventure!
  • Get the Too Good To Go app, for cheap pastries and sandwiches. The app helps you find cafes, grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations that sell mystery bags of food that are about to go out of date - to help with food waste! Perfect for a picnic, or just to store in your freezer!
  • Invest in winter clothes BEFORE you get to Norway (everything is expensive here - unless you buy second-hand)
  • FirstPrice is king, and you’ll find stores with store-brand products that are good quality.

Get a life!

It can be daunting to move to a new place (or an entirely new country!) - but remember that everyone is in the same boat at the start of the semester. Here are some bits of social advice from the students, and some challenges for you!

  • Make an effort to learn Norwegian, it does not come passively.
  • Have themes for parties and events, it makes it a lot more fun for everyone.
  • Hang out a lot in the beginning, get to know your neighbors, and make an effort to include everyone.
  • Be open to meeting new people.
  • Try to branch out from your room as much as possible!
  • Be clear about cleaning expectations and apartment rules with your roommate - this will help you with avoiding conflicts and arguments!
  • Try to make friends outside of ACN, and engage in out-of-school activities.
  • Get Norwegians drunk and talk to them.
  • Take lots of trips to Oslo together, there is much more to explore.
  • Try to spot the parrot man... and his lair...
  • Moss is very walkable - make it a habit to walk when you can.
  • Take weekend trips! Two airports are close by - Oslo Gardermoen and Oslo Torp. Join the travel seminar at the beginning of the semester to learn about great deals and travel opportunities!
  • Explore, and have fun!
  • Always take the opportunity you're given or you'll regret it.

Moss is home, home is Moss.

The ACN campus is located in Moss, in the city center. It’s a cute little town that students come to love during their time here. These are some of the students favorite spots and local recommendations.

  • Kebabfabrikken (great Kebab)
  • Check out Widunder Bar (cozy book cafe)
  • Deli De Luca and Bunnpris are open on Sundays.
  • Bøns (great burgers and wings, right across the street from campus)
  • The Moss Library (great study place)
  • Mood Cafe (close to school with cozy seating)
  • Lots of great beaches and hiking if you explore! Sjøbadet, Albystranda and a beach right by the dorms (Riviera Hotel).
  • Cheap swimming at Mossehallen
  • MUDO (nice gym environment and a great student deal for ACN students)
  • Free ferry to Horten
  • Tigerplassen Kebab (great fries)

- Class of 23/24 signing off!

We hope this advice made you a bit wiser and more prepared to embark on your ACN adventure! If you have any questions about life at ACN, rememeber you can always send us an email at!

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