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Every summer we welcome students from all over the United States to the American College of Norway to take part in an exciting and educational four-week summer session led by visiting American faculty members. This year, Dr. Tami Carmichael and Dr. Jeff Carmichael from the University of North Dakota (UND) taught two unique and relevant courses, "Environmental Challenges of the 21st Century" and "Oslo: Vikings to Hipsters". UND student, Bri reflects back on her time in Norway and at ACN. Thanks for the great reflection, Bri! We loved hosting your group at ACN this summer!

For years I dreamed of studying abroad, but as time went on, I let that dream fade, thinking it would always remain just a dream. Life had changed, and I was no longer just a student. I was a student working full-time with little time for fun.

In February I received an email with the subject line, “Norway Summer Program Final Reminder,” sent out to students to let them know there were only two days left to apply for the American College of Norway’s summer program. I read the subject line to my boss and commented on how I’d always dreamed of studying abroad but knew it would never work. Turning his head, he looked at me and told me to go.

That night I applied for the program, and the next morning, I was in the study abroad office. Within 72 hours, I had applied, been accepted, and bought my plane ticket to Norway. You could say I never chose ACN; instead, it chose me.

The four-week summer program allowed me the opportunity to follow a dream while ensuring I could return to my job. Classes taught in English curbed any anxiety I had about trying to learn a new language. Three-day weekends guaranteed I’d have time to travel around Norway and visit neighboring countries.

ACN is located in the beautiful coastal town of Moss

From the time I applied to ACN, the faculty and staff made me feel right at home. I was arriving later in the day; the staff went grocery shopping for me guaranteeing I’d have everything I needed the first few days in my apartment upon arrival. That night we met up with Norwegian students for pizza. On the first day of classes, we ate traditional Norwegian food at a welcome lunch. One day in the semester, we had Norwegian waffles for lunch. On our last day, we had a pizza party.

Exploring Norway on the three-day weekends

Each week we took a day trip to Oslo, about 40 minutes by train, from Moss. During our time in Oslo, we visited museums and historical landmarks we had discussed in class. Standing on top of the Oslo Opera House, riding electric scooters, and seeing the famous Scream painting in person were just some of the many highlights!

Stopping for lunch in between sightseeing in Oslo

At the top of the Oslo Opera House

If you’re considering studying abroad at the American College of Norway, I urge you to go. Apply today and prepare yourself to have the time of your life! Don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by; you’ll be glad you went!

If you’re hoping to study in Norway at the American College of Norway like Bri, click here to learn more about our unique and exciting program! Watch our study abroad video too by clicking here!

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