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Do you want to join the ACN team? The American College of Norway is hiring a part-time English instructor. The position starts on August 19th, 2019. The hiring committee will begin assessing applications on Friday, May 10th. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

The American College of Norway (ACN) is a one-year program of university level studies in Norway, which leads to a U.S. Bachelor’s degree. ACN has cooperative partners and the University of North Dakota (UND) is ACN’s school of record.

ACN and UND have had a cooperative agreement since 1992. The Academic authority for granting of course credit are our cooperative partners. The credentials of the teachers and the courses offered are also pre-approved by our partners. In addition, the courses at ACN are taught in English, mainly by faculty members from our partner universities who are at ACN as exchange faculty.

While at ACN, students will complete up to 30 credits within our core curriculum during the regular school year. Additional credits are offered through summer school. The curriculum offered by ACN varies from year to year, but generally will include credits in English Composition, Communications, Political Science, History and other humanities courses.

While at ACN, students gain an excellent understanding of the American university system, build a network of student and faculty contacts (both Norwegian and American) and can then make a smooth transition into the university system. ACN helps students with practical and bureaucratic details so they can concentrate more on their studies and their transition to a U.S. university will be smooth.

ACN prides itself in providing a very student oriented atmosphere engendered by the staff and faculty. The composition instructor, like other ACN instructors, is expected to contribute to this environment.


The American College of Norway seeks to hire an Instructor to teach first-year writing and who is engaged in undergraduate education. The Instructor in this position will teach 2 sections of Composition I in the fall semester and 2 sections of Composition 130 in the spring during the 2019 – 2020 academic year. This is a one-year position; future renewal will depend upon teaching needs and budget availability. The successful candidate will have a Master’s Degree in English, experience teaching College Composition, and the ability to teach the following courses offered by ACN and which follow the University of North Dakota’s Composition Program: English 110 (an introduction to academic writing, reading, and critical thinking) and English 130 (a research writing course that highlights audience and purpose as students write for public audiences).


  • Master’s Degree in English by time of appointment
  • Recent experience teaching College Composition
  • Experience teaching in the U.S. university system
  • Strong communication skills
  • Evidence of effective teaching and engagement with student learning
  • Knowledge of recent trends in the teaching of Composition, including a demonstrated understanding of rhetorical approaches to the teaching of writing
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in class management and ability to work within program goals
  • Evidence of collegiality


  • Experience teaching composition using complex academic readings
  • Experience teaching academic research writing
  • Experience teaching writing in an international environment


Please submit the following materials to the American College of Norway at info@americancollege.no:

  • A letter outlining teaching experience and addressing applicant’s philosophy of teaching academic writing
  • Current résumé or CV
  • List of references
  • Samples of recent teaching materials developed for the writing classroom
  • The hiring committee will begin assessing English Instructor position applications on Friday May 10th. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

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