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The graduating class of 23′ share their advice on how to make the most of your time at ACN. Enjoy!

So, you’ve been admitted to ACN! Congratulations! We think you’re going to have the time of your life.

But, as with most things in life, attending ACN will be what you make of it. In order to make the most of your experience at ACN, we have asked the graduating class of 23’ to give some advice on anything and everything related to the student experience.

1 . Focus on the academics

Eyes on the prize! At ACN you will be given a lot of free time, and a lot of freedom. This does not mean you can slack off in regards to academics – you being here is an essential part of your education. Students suggest it is important to get into a good routine early, and to stay consistent with your studying so that it comes naturally after some time. One student says; “A day can go by very fast, don’t let the fact that you feel like you have a lot of time get to your head.”

2. Say Yes Chef!

In the ACN dorms you share an apartment with one other student, which involves sharing a kitchen and bath. Remember to actually use the kitchen!. This is a golden opportunity for you to learn how to cook if you don’t already, or showcase your masterchef brilliance to your fellow students if you do. Homemade food is usually the healthier and cheaper option, and you may even enjoy sharing meals with your roommate or neighbor.

Remember you can also treat yourself occasionally! The Dominos in town has a great discount on pizzas on Tuesdays, and there are several other places in town with great student discounts for those days you simply cannot be bothered with cooking.

3. Become a true citizen of Moss

The city of Moss is such a great student town – scenic, close to nature and with tons of options for activities. While you’re here, make sure that you actually get to know the town you live in! Go for walks, visit the beach, jump from the diving tower on the pier, try local food and join in on local events. Make Moss your hometown while you’re here – you won’t regret it!

4. Engage in the student experience

Pretty much every week there will be something going on at the ACN campus – make sure you participate! Join the events committee, help plan Halloween celebrations, Thanksgiving, Spirit Week, Super Bowl Parties and beach trips. Not only will you have fun doing so, but it will help you get to know your fellow students better. One student states: “Join in as much as possible, even in the events you don’t expect to be fun.” (Spoiler: it usually turns out fun if you show up!)

5. Go to Svalbard

In the spring semester, you will get the chance to take a travel course and go to Svalbard. The students are unanimous; if you have the means and interest – you  should absolutely go! It will be the adventure of a lifetime. There is a cost associated with the trip though, so you might want to start saving up early. Oh, and bring extra gloves for the snowmobile trip – it will be so cold!

6. Remember the staff are here to help

If you have questions, concerns, or simply want to chat – remember that the staff will be there for you! Krista, our executive director, has 30 years worth of knowledge about the American education system – and she knows a lot about other stuff too! Siv will help you figure out the bills, Tonje will be happy to help you start a club or take suggestions for excursions, and Colin will make sure you’re happy and safe at the dorms. The staff at ACN are always there for you as a student, don’t be afraid to ask them if you need anything.

7. Take advantage of your 3-day weekend

Every weekend is a 3-day weekend at ACN, meaning that you are free to spend Fridays as you please. Of course, be mindful of using this time for schoolwork when necessary, but don’t waste your Fridays indoors if you can help it! Sometimes the staff will arrange for activities or excursions on Fridays, but you can also plan some Fridays yourself. Go to Oslo – it’s only a 30 minute train ride away! Or plan for a weekend in Paris, London, Berlin or Amsterdam! A lot of the time your fellow students might be interested in exploring Europe – start planning early in the semester and book flights for cheap! Oh, and consider buying vacuum sealed bags or packing cubes for traveling. It will make it easier for you when you move to campus – but also be beneficial if you want to explore during the weekend and only want to bring carry-on luggage. Adventure awaits!

8. Don’t limit yourself

Your time at ACN has the potential to be the best time of your life – don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Put yourself out there – make friends with people who are different from you, take initiative to do fun things as a group, learn to do things alone and appreciate the time you have. It’s once in a lifetime, and believe us – it will be over in the blink of an eye!


The class of 23’

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