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Another year, another incredible Homecoming Week filled with fun activities! Homecoming is a pivotal time at any American university institution and here at ACN, we aim to create the classic American Homecoming experience. Throughout the week we had fun dress up days, tasty treats, an American football game and a Masquerade Homecoming Dance!

Homecoming Week 2017 consisted of several dress up days similar to those in America! On the first day of Homecoming Week, our ACNers came to school in their pajamas for Pajama Day. They were also treated to freshly baked, homemade chocolate chip cookies during lunch! On Tuesday, everyone grabbed their bff’s  and put on matching outfits for Twinning Tuesday. Following Twin Day, red, white and blue were proudly worn to celebrate both Norway and the U.S. The day was also celebrated with some delicious flag themed cakes! Last but not least, we had Throwback Thursday and our ACNers came to class wearing their favorite old school gear. The school was filled with everything from hippies to 1950s greasers!


These dress up days proved to be a huge success with ACN students. Monica Øverås said, “The best part of homecoming week was Pajama Day, especially since we got homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk! They were delicious!”


Not only did we have fun dress up days, but there was also a football game accompanied with tailgating! This year’s Homecoming Football game brought huge amounts of pride and fun for our two competing teams and our cheering sections! The Trolls and Vikings had an intense game on our Football Friday with the Trolls winning in the end. Great game everyone!


To end this year’s Homecoming Week, the Activities Committee hosted the Homecoming Dance – Behind the Mask. With silver, midnight blue and twinkling lights decorating our dance floor, the night was filled with beautiful masks, laughter and killer dance moves. At the end of our night we crowned Thea Selheim as Homecoming Queen and Magnus Sjøberg as Homecoming King. We also crowned Marita Groven as Homecoming Princess and Henrick Hopin as Homecoming Prince. This majestic night truly made this year’s Homecoming celebration one for the books!


A big thanks to all who participated in this memorable week, as well as to ACN’s Activities Committee who worked hard to make this year’s Homecoming Week a reality! You did a fantastic job and definitely made your Homecoming Week a major success!


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