25 Years of Giving Thanks



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Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends come together to celebrate all the things they are thankful. ACN is proud to have brought this much loved and cherished tradition to Norway every year (25 to be exact!).

Every November, ACN students, faculty and staff come together to celebrate everything they are thankful for over a delicious Thanksgiving feast, and this year was no exception! At this year’s dinner, everyone got a taste of America (apple cider and pumpkin pie included!) and were entertained by their peers over some hilarious and impressive performances.


ACN’s mission is to create a welcoming and multicultural home for all students, and with the Thanksgiving dinner, that goal is easily accomplished. Norwegian student, Siren Sandtorv Ødegard said “I enjoyed how everyone got a chance to reflect on and say what they were thankful for. This definitely gave me a great impression of how thanksgiving is in the U.S. The whole experience made me appreciative of all ACN does for us and I can’t wait to experience Thanksgiving next year in the U.S.!” With fun traditions like the Thanksgiving dinner, ACN tries their best to help prepare students for what life in the United States will be like.


This fun event isn’t only for preparing Norwegians, but reminding our American students of home and a chance to take pride in their own traditions. American student, Sam Miller said “My favorite part of the Thanksgiving dinner was being able to come together as a school and celebrate. The food was an obvious highlight, but being able to share an American holiday with the Norwegian students was also a highlight, especially since they have welcomed us into their traditions and cultures over the past four months.”


The Thanksgiving dinner also provides the chance to thank all the faculty, staff and ACN’s Activities Committee for all the hard work they do to help create an engaging, active and welcoming campus. The American College of Norway is so thankful for all of the incredible people that make this happen every year! Thank you!


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