Earn Additional U.S. Credits at an Inexpensive Price this Summer at the American College of Norway!

Did you know that you can earn U.S. credits towards your bachelor's degree this summer at the American College of Norway?

Are you:

  • a Norwegian student studying at an American institution who needs to earn more U.S. credit, but coming home to Norway this summer?
  • an American/international student interested in earning U.S. university credit while studying abroad in Norway?

Why not earn U.S. credits at the American College of Norway?


At ACN’s summer school, students have the opportunity to earn up to six U.S. credits in four weeks in small, interactive classes taught by American faculty from the University of North Dakota.

Exciting field trips have already been planned and American students are coming from all over the U.S. to join this exciting program!

Don’t take only our word on how ACN’s summer school can help you supplement your credits and enhance your U.S. bachelor’s degree! ACN alumna and summer school participant Ane Louise Toft Rud had the following to say about our program.

“As part of my American degree, I studied abroad in Italy. This was a great experience, but because of the different courses I took there, I still needed one last class by the time I had planned to graduate. The requirements for the course I needed were quite specific (4 upper division credits), and something the American College of Norway didn’t originally offer. However, ACN and the professor who taught the class were super flexible and helpful. Together we planned what extra work I needed to do to get the credits I needed. I took the course as a summer class at ACN’s summer school and was able to graduate with my friends on time. I also had a great experience doing it, and got to visit the Nobel Peace Center and Halden Prison (the most humane prison in the world). I strongly recommend ACN to anyone who needs extra credits or wants to save some money and get good guidance before going to the U.S.”

To earn U.S. credits, see the flyer below for more detailed information.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact ACN at info@americancollege.no for more information and visit http://www.americancollege.no/apply/ to fill out the simple online application.

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