Summer School

The summer school consists of an exciting four-week summer program from May 21 – June 14, 2024, where students have the opportunity to earn up to 6 U.S. credits in small, interactive classes. Summer school at ACN is a unique experience both in and out of the classroom with fun and interesting weekly field trips in Viken and Oslo. Additionally, classes are scheduled so that students can easily and affordably explore Norway and the rest of Europe!

During the program, students live on a historic street in Moss (click here to see pictures) and take classes heavily focused on various aspects of Norwegian life and society. If you’re looking for an authentic Norwegian experience while studying abroad in Norway, look no further! ACN and our summer program are the perfect recipe for an educational and eventful introduction to Norway!

The courses offered:

  • Oslo: Vikings to Hipsters – 3 credits
    with Dr. Tami Carmichael – Professor at the University of North Dakota

The city we now call Oslo has been an important and vibrant place since the time of the Vikings (800-1050 A.D.). From that ancient period on, Oslo has provided defense with its 700 year old fortress, engaged in commerce and the arts, and was the center of international struggle as countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Germany tried to control it. From its struggles for independence to the Nazi occupation of WWII, Oslo has played a key role in Norway’s development. Now a beautiful, global city with one of the largest art galleries in the world, Oslo prides itself on its sustainable practices, its modern outlook, and its vibrant, hipster neighborhoods. In this class, we will study all aspects of Oslo’s development, making weekly trips to the city to gain first-hand knowledge of Vikings, Nazis, immigrants, and hipsters. Class discussion, presentations, and some brief writing assignments will be required. A train pass and museum fees will be covered for all students.

  • Intercultural/International Communication – 3 credits
    with Dr. Elaine Jenks – Professor at West Chester University

How do we communicate with people who are different from us? That’s the main question this course explores. On the intercultural interpersonal level, we will study how individuals from different countries, races, religions, and ethnicities form relationships. On the international global level, we will study how organizations reach large audiences. We will explore topics ranging from how Norwegians and Americans greet strangers on the street, to similarities and differences in each country when communicating with friends, family members, and co-workers, to how major companies in Norway and the USA advertise. From waffles and brown cheese to peanut butter and jelly, from skiing and saunas to baseball and Black Friday, we will study the messages produced by and about both countries and the people who live in them. This course will include readings and discussions as well as hands-on experiences of interviews, field trips, films, food tastings, and social media creation.


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