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Vikings, Theater and Oslo, oh my! Experience Norway firsthand this summer studying abroad at the American College of Norway (ACN)! Trust us, Toto you won't feel like you're in Kansas anymore! "I loved my time at the American College of Norway! The summer school program was easy to work into my schedule and I'm so glad I did it. It's a great place, super comfortable and welcoming, with amazing staff who are always ready to help you with anything you need. There really isn't anything I would change, except for maybe how fast it flew by!" -Mikale Kuntz, ACN Summer School Student 2019

This summer, ACN is excited to offer two interactive and relevant courses deeply rooted in Norwegian history and culture:

  • Oslo: Vikings to Hipsters – 3 credits
  • Stories Through the Lens: Ibsen as an Influencer – 3 credits

Oslo: Vikings to Hipsters will be taught by ACN instructor, Lillian Correa, a native New Yorker who has called Oslo home for over 25 years! Oslo is a modern city renowned as a mecca of sustainable living, social equality and modern arts. But what can we learn if we dig deeply into the history, demographics and politics of this wonderful European city? Experience Norway and Oslo this summer and explore these topics with Lillian!

Stories Through the Lens: Ibsen as an Influencer will be taught by professional actor, Eric Todd. Eric has acted in the critically acclaimed series, The Sinner, among other things! This course will study various aspects of social media, cinematography and cultural studies. Students will look closely at key influencers, past and present, including Henrik Ibsen and how they carefully constructed their messages and used mediums to influence their audience.

Both courses have been carefully designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of Norway through various contexts, helping them experience Norway firsthand. As a bonus, weekly field trips to Oslo are part of the curriculum, helping connect the classroom to the real world. Students in both classes will visit galleries, museums, and more, in addition to exploring the city’s diverse neighborhoods. Applicants are welcomed and encouraged to take one or both courses this summer at ACN.

In addition to these unique and exciting course offerings, participants are offered a great introduction to daily life in Norway. During the program, students live on a historic street in Moss (click here to see pictures) and take classes alongside Norwegian peers. If you’re looking for an authentic Norwegian experience while studying abroad, look no further! ACN and the summer program are the perfect recipe for an educational and eventful introduction to Norway!

See the poster below for more detailed information including course descriptions, benefits, costs, etc. And visit our English website here to learn more about ACN. Also, feel free to contact us at info@americancollege.no with any questions you have. And to apply, click here to fill out our easy online application. Applications are due March 15 and and a tuition deposit of $120 is due April 1.

Start packing your bags and we hope to see you this summer studying abroad in Norway at the American College of Norway.

Click here to read more about last year’s summer program and watch our study abroad video here!

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