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Homecoming Spirit Week is an important event at the beginning of each school year at American universities. It is a week filled with events and fun, where students get into the college spirit by enjoying different activities. This year's Homecoming Spirit Week at ACN consisted of theme days, a tennis table tournament, an American football game, and the annual Homecoming Dance.

Throughout the week, students dressed up each day according to different themes decided by the Activities Committee. Monday was Twins day, Tuesday was Chav day, Wednesday was PJ:s day, and Thursday was Decades day. The Activities Committee created a photo wall in the library for the outfits to be captured and remembered.

On Wednesday, apart from enjoying showing up to class in their PJ:s, the ACN Sports Club organized a tennis table tournament. A table was brought up to one of the classrooms and then it was game on! After a few nerve-wracking rounds, Jonas took home the tournament. Congratulations, well deserved!

After class on Thursday the sun came out just in time for the annual American Football Game! Coincidence? We don’t think so. The newly founded ACN Cheer Squad had, despite short notice, put together a routine, made pompoms and was well prepared to cheer on the football players.

After going over the rules to make sure that everyone was on the same page, the game started and the Vikings played against the Cowboys. Referee Natalie guided the players through the game and made sure that it was fair play all the way.

Well played Vikings and Cowboys, and shout out to the captains!

The Homecoming Dance wraps up each Homecoming Spirit Week and is the highlight of the week where students dress up in their finest attire. The Decorations group in the Activities Committee had done a great job transforming one of the classrooms into a ball room in silver, blue and gold, with a starry night sky brightening up the ceiling. The Food and drinks group made homemade pizza and prepared snacks for everyone, and bartender Elmer served drinks in the bar.

Throughout the Spirit week, students had voted for best dressed each day. The winners received some nice prizes such as ACN merch and Starbucks cups. Finally, the highlight of the evening that everyone had been waiting for, the Homecoming Royalty, was announced. Congratulations Samuel and Bella, ACN’s Homecoming Royalty 2021!

Look at these fancy ACNers! Thank you to everyone who participated in Homecoming Spirit Week and especially the Activities Committee that put in a lot of effort and made it a success. Surely a week to remember!

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