Welcome Weekend 2021

Welcome Weekend at ACN is an annual tradition to welcome new students and to kickstart the school year.


On the first day of Welcome Weekend, students were greeted by Executive Director, Krista Lauritzen. After the Welcome meeting and some important information, ACN invited all students to a lunch with baguettes from a local cafe to fill up on energy for the afternoon activities. On the schedule for the afternoon were games to get to know each other, followed by a Scavenger hunt in Moss to get to know the city and each other better.

The students went all out on the Scavenger hunt and enjoyed relaxing with some pizza afterwards outside the dorms.


The second day of Welcome Weekend started with some useful information and tips on how to succeed in college. This was followed by a traditional meal from Moss, the famous pølse i vaffel, which translates to hotdog in a waffle.

The afternoon activities consisted of a meeting about how students can get involved in different committees at ACN and a visit to the gyms in Moss. A BBQ in the evening sun outside the dorms wrapped up the second day of Welcome Weekend.


After a day off for the students, ACN had arranged an outdoor activities day with a ropes course, zip line, and paintball.

Krista made and served sloppy joes and coleslaw for everyone, as well as hot dogs and snacks between activities.

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