ACN Student Awarded the International Merit Scholarship!

We'd like to congratulate ACN's Class of 2016/2017, Amalie Lie Tjervåg on being awarded the International Merit Scholarship!

As Amalie is about to embark on her college career in the U.S., she recently got the phenomenal news that she was awarded the prestigious International Merit Scholarship! With being awarded this scholarship, Amalie will be receiving $16,000 per academic year towards her tuition costs! Additionally, the scholarship will be awarded yearly with her studies at Middle Tennessee State University, as long as she maintains a 3.0 GPA (which won’t be a problem for Amalie).

In order to even be considered for the scholarship, Amalie needed a minimum GPA of 3.25, but thanks to her persistence, determination and hard work this past year, Amalie walked away with a 4.0 GPA from ACN!

We are so proud of you, Amalie! We cannot wait to follow your journey, and we know you’re going to thrive in Tennessee!

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The American College of Norway Turned My Dream Into Reality!

Every summer we welcome students to ACN to take part in a four-week summer session and this summer was no exception. This summer we had students participate in the program from the University of North Dakota, Mayville State University, West Chester University, Adelphi University and Norwegian students from ACN. The students took courses focused on environmental challenges as well as studying everything from the Vikings to modern art in a class focused on Oslo, West Chester student, Lexy Zimmerman opens up about her time abroad at ACN this summer. Thanks for the great blog, Lexy - we had a fabulous summer you and your cohort!
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American College of Norway Foundation, USA

ACN Alumni, Faculty and Friends, as we celebrate and build on ACN’s 25 year history of accomplishments, we remain challenged by limited resources to ensure that future students are also able to benefit from an ACN experience. We strive to provide the very best educational and personal growth experiences at an affordable cost. ACN increasingly depends on private philanthropy for the continued evolution of the college as a place where Norway and American truly meet for the benefit of all students. Therefore, we ask that you, as a supporter of ACN, help to celebrate our 25th Anniversary by becoming a Founding Donor to the new American College of Norway Foundation, USA.
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