Halloween at ACN!

This year we did Halloween a bit differently! Read about how ACN students created a hauntingly great experience for the local community.

In true ACN-spirit, we took Halloween very seriously this year! You might already be familiar with Halloween traditions on campus, as ACN has become quite well known locally for our haunted house. 

This year we decided to do things a bit differently; by partnering with Moss Kommune and På Høyda to create a Halloween event for everyone! On October 28th, kids aged 7-12 were invited for an evening at Melløs Stadion – the local football stadium. At the event there was free candy, drinks, snacks and face painting. There was a costume contest, a bonfire and best of all – the ACN haunted rooms.

ACN students transformed five normal locker rooms into spooky venues of horror. In the days leading up to the event, the students worked really hard to make the rooms into something completely different than a locker room. The rooms were scaled from 1-5, meaning there were some rooms that would be good for children who didn’t enjoy being scared – and some rooms that were absolutely terrifying. 

When the doors to the stadium opened and the guests poured in, we were at first slightly shocked. We had not expected that many people to show up! It turned out to be great fun though, as people of all ages turned up in fantastic costumes and in high spirits. With hundreds of people milling around and lining up to go into the haunted rooms – the atmosphere was incredible!

For three hours, students and staff were dedicated to frightening children in the local community. It was great! We are happy to inform you that guests enjoyed the scare as much as we did.

The event really took it out of us, but fortunately we had the weekend to recuperate. This meant we were ready for some fun activities on the real Halloween Eve. We spent the evening carving pumpkins, drinking hot chocolate and watching a horror flick. We let Instagram decide who carved the best pumpkin – any guesses as to who won?

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to continue the Halloween tradition at ACN, we had a blast! 


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