September Events

With classes in full swing and so many new and exciting clubs on campus, September is definitely going to be an eventful month! Check the schedule for all events this month including Homecoming Week!

September 2: Film Club Movie Night

September 3: Yoga

September 4: Activities Committee Meeting

September 5: Leo Club Information Meeting

September 6: Activities Committee Meeting

September 10: Pajama Day

September 10: Yoga

September 11: Throwback Day

September 11: Dance Crew

September 12: Sports Day

September 13: School Spirit Day

September 14: Day Trip to Oslo

September 15: Homecoming Dance

September 16: Homecoming Football Game

September 17: Yoga

September 18: Dance Crew

September 19: Leo Club Meeting

September 20: Activities Committee Meeting

September 24: Yoga

September 25: Dance Crew

September 26: Leo Club Meeting

September 27: Activities Committee Meeting

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A Warm Welcome

After a hectic week of gathering prizes, making groups and planning activities, one of the best weeks of the year has passed; ACN’s annual Welcome Week! We were thrilled to welcome students from all over Norway, the United States and the world to ACN!
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