Giving Tuesday – American College of Norway Foundation, USA

This Giving Tuesday, remember ACN and help spread awareness about this life-changing experience by donating to the American College of Norway Foundation, USA.

Your donations last year not only helped keep us afloat, but they gave us the ability to reach out to new markets. As an American College of Norway alum/supporter, you know how transformative the ACN experience is – but we can’t change students’ lives if they don’t find us. Methods for reaching students has changed dramatically: Instagram, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, these are the places we can reach out to potential students. Investing in and creating a strong social media presence is the key to success.

In the past year, the American College of Norway Foundation has helped provide funds for the American College of Norway, allowing it to increase its social media marketing to potential Norwegian and American students. And the results are excellent: due to this increased marketing, there is a solid increase in American students finding and enrolling in ACN, as well as increased visibility in the Norwegian marketing. This coming year, the number of Americans has more than doubled from previous years, and many students from outside the North Dakota/Minnesota area are finding ACN.

We need your help to keep the messages flowing:  please consider making a donation to the ACN Foundation by simply going to our webpage: We accept PayPal donations, or you could VIPPS your donation directly to ACN at 38019. A check may be sent to the ACN Foundation USA c/o Robbin Rendahl CPA, Treasurer, 305 S 4th St; Grand Forks, ND  58201.

In the marketing and social media world, your donations go far: A $25-$50 donation from you will allow us reach over 2,000 students and $100 -$200 will help us buy advertising in magazines aimed at the Norwegian-American population. And $600 – $1,000 will provide us with up to three months’ marketing in some publications or purchase Google Adwords in America so that ACN moves to the top of the search lists. Larger donations will allow us to create even more high-quality marketing campaigns for increased personal outreach to potential students. 

To keep the momentum going, we have a private donor who offers a matching donation challenge for contributions we receive. This means that whatever you donate will be doubled in our fundWe have a goal of raising $270,000 over the next two years to help ACN continuously increase enrollment to 70 students/semester – helping more Norwegian and American students have an exceptional educational experience as well as place ACN on a financially sound basis this a great return on investment (ROI).

We are proud of the impact that we have had on students. Here is a sampling of excerpts taken directly from student evaluations: 

-I’ll never forget my time at ACN!

-I loved my time at the American College of Norway!

-ACN was one of the best choices I have ever made.

Please consider donating this Giving Tuesday, helping other students to have this experience.

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