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ACN Alumni, Faculty and Friends, as we celebrate and build on ACN’s 25 year history of accomplishments, we remain challenged by limited resources to ensure that future students are also able to benefit from an ACN experience. We strive to provide the very best educational and personal growth experiences at an affordable cost. ACN increasingly depends on private philanthropy for the continued evolution of the college as a place where Norway and American truly meet for the benefit of all students. Therefore, we ask that you, as a supporter of ACN, help to celebrate our 25th Anniversary by becoming a Founding Donor to the new American College of Norway Foundation, USA.

Become a Founding Donor today!

It’s no secret that many people in the U.S. and Norway support the phenomenal work of the American College of Norway. In October this past year, a group of such supporters convened in Grand Forks, ND to form the non-profit American College of Norway Foundation, USA.  This group, comprised of ACN staff, former faculty, alumni, and long-time supporters, intends to raise funds to support the college’s work and also plans to help advocate for ACN with external stakeholders and to assist in creating collaborations that will foster ACN’s mission.

Sir Bruce Gjovig, a long-time advocate for ACN and a prominent figure in Norway (knighted by King Harold in 2008 ) serves as the Board’s Chairman. Dr. Tami Carmichael, who has coordinated ACN’s relationship with the University of North Dakota for the past 17 years and who has taught several times at the College, serves as the Board’s Vice Chair. Other board members include ACN Executive Director Krista Lauritzen; Robbin Rendahl, owner of R.A. Rendahl CPA & Assoc. Inc., Treasurer; alumni and UND  Marketing Coordinator, Hayley Kuntz, Secretary; and board members: Odd Einar Dørum, Norway Parliament Member, retired; Cindy Schreiber-Beck, North Dakota legislator; Barry Stinson, Pace University Assistant Vice President of International Programs; alumni Ingrid Halvorsen Mohn, President of Sagaform, Inc. and legal counsel Ryan Marth, Robins Kaplan, Minneapolis.

Currently the Foundation is spearheading two fundraisers: The 25 for the 25th, an opportunity for everyone associated with ACN to show their support at any level and become Founding Donors; and the Steinar Opstad Endowment Fund which honors the legacy of the founder and patron of the American College of Norway. The group has raised, in only a few months, over $30,000 USD.

As the American College of Norway expands its relationships with many colleges and universities in the U.S., this Foundation will provide unconditional support to the College, helping it to leverage its work to the best advantage of its students.

We so appreciate those of you who have already become Founding Donors. Thanks for getting the ball rolling!  If you haven’t already, we’d love for you to be a Founding Donor to the new American College of Norway Foundation, USA. Whether it’s $25, $250, $2,500, or more, your Founding Donation can ensure that American College of Norway continues to offer exceptional experiences to students and faculty for another 25 years! Americans willing to donate will have the ability to receive a tax deduction if the amount is over $250. Additionally, as a Founding Donor, you will be honored at the American College of Norway alumni event this summer and will be listed on the Foundation web page.

To read more about the Foundation and to make your donation, simply visit our newly launched Foundation website!

We know American College of Norway is valuable to you. Thank you for considering to become a Founding Donor.

Happy Anniversary!

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