Congratulations, ACN Class of 2021/2022!

The Academic Year 2021/2022 has come to an end at American College of Norway. As always, the annual End of the Year Barbecue wraps up the school year and brings together students, faculty and staff one last time. Check out the pictures from the barbecue in this blog post.

Class photo from May 2022

Congratulations, ACN Class of 2021/2022! It has been an absolute pleasure having you with us at ACN this academic year. It feels like yesterday when we first met you at welcome weekend and tried to remember all of your names. Since then, you have all come a long way and we couldn’t be any prouder of each and every one of you. Watching you thrive and grow into independent young adults with the world at your feet has been such a joy. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for your bright minds. We hope that this year has prepared you for the next step and that you will always cherish the memories you made at ACN.

Good luck in the U.S., and remember where it all started!

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Congratulations - ACN Class of 2022/2023!

The Academic Year 2022/2023 has come to an end at American College of Norway. We're sad to see you go - but so excited for the adventures you have ahead of you!
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