October Events

October is a busy and eventful month for ACN! With our "POLS 491: The Arctic" students embarking on an Arctic expedition to Norway's northermost territory - Svalbard, to celebrating 25 years of ACN (yes, 25 years of ACN!) at UND, plus holding our annual Haunted House, we sure have a lot going on this month and we look forward to creating more memories this month!

October 2-6: ACN’s Travel Course “The Arctic” in Svalbard

October 6: ACN’s 25th Anniversary Alumni Reception at UND

October 10: Haunted House Meeting

October 13: Ooey Gooey Goodness – S’mores and Hot Chocolate!

October 18: Winner Dinner

October 27: ACN’s Annual Haunted House

October 28: ACN’s Annual Haunted House

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You're Invited to ACN!

Are you interested in kick starting your U.S. bachelor's degree with ACN? If so, we'd encourage you to attend our Open House on Friday, March 16.
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Partner University Applications

Come apply to ACN's partner universities over the lunch period with your fellow classmates! Becky will be at every application day and she will be able to help assist with any questions in order to help all ACN students apply swiftly and efficiently to our partner institutions.
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